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Google Analytics Consulting

Elevate your digital strategy with custom Google Analytics consulting services tailored to your business needs.

Professional Google Analytics services

As a freelance Google Analytics consultant, I help businesses gain valuable insights about their website visitors and optimize their online performance. My services include creating a custom tracking strategy, configuring Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4, and designing custom reports to track key performance indicators. Let me help you make the most of your website analytics data.

Google Analytics is the most commonly used website analytics tool on the market (55+% of all websites are using it). Regardless of the size of your website, your can and should benefit from the data Google Analytics provides. Whether you are a small business owner or marketing manager in a large company, a properly utilized Google Analytics setup will provide you with insights and answer these kinds of questions:

  • How many calls / leads / sales did we get last month?
  • How well did our campaign perform last quarter?
  • What marketing channels are giving the most profit?

The importance of properly configured Google Analytics is proportional to the marketing spend: the higher it gets, the more critical it becomes to measure and analyze the results, especially concerning Google Ads management.

Though Google Analytics provides vast data out of the box, without a proper strategy and implementation, it is quite hard to make use of it. Essentially, it is what I help my clients with — not just to install Google Analytics, but to adjust it to your needs, so that you can get answers to your questions and make data-driven decisions.

What is included to my Google Analytics services

The stack I consistently work with and most likely will be able to help you with is:

  • Google Tag Manager,
  • Google Analytics (the latest GA4),
  • Google Data Studio (Looker Studio).

Those three tools from Google are capable of covering all needs of the majority of modern companies. They are free, widely supported, and well-documented.

My Google Analytics consulting services cover all aspects of web tracking:

  • creating a tracking strategy and specification for your website,
  • technical implementation and configuring Google Tag Manager,
  • setting Google Analytics, creating events and conversions,
  • designing tailored reports to suit your needs.

Google Analytics consulting pricing

ServiceEst. Price
Universal Analytics → GA4 migrationfrom $300
GA4 Setup (small business)from $450
GA4 Setup (ecommerce and enterprise)from $600
Consulting & Training$75/hr

The cost of Google Analytics consulting mainly depends on the website and your needs. The approximate cost is listed in the table above. Here is a list of things that affect the price:

  • cross-domain tracking,
  • ecommerce tracking,
  • custom dimensions & metrics,
  • funnel tracking,
  • server-side GTM implementation.

Why Hire Me For Your Google Analytics Services?


I’ve been working with Google Analytics and Tag Manager since 2014, implementing and configuring those tools for many websites of different types. Whether you are running a lead generation business, an online store, or a content website, chances are that I know what and how it should be implemented for your kind of business.

Affordable prices

I’m not an agency and do not need to cover any additional costs your typical service provider would have to. When you pay me, you pay for my work solely. And since I’m based in Ukraine, I can keep my rates significantly lower compared to contractors from the United States or Europe.

Transparent workflow

Before starting the project, I hold a call with you to discuss your goals and design a measurement plan. Once we agree upon it, I work until I deliver everything promised. You can count on getting a detailed response from me at every stage.

Let’s talk

Roman Grigorian

Google Analytics Consultant

Feel free to submit a form or email me directly at . I’ll get back to you within one business day to discuss your project.