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Are you in need of effective and budget-friendly Google Ads management for your service-based business? As a Google Partner, I offer a range of services to help you drive targeted traffic and conversions through your campaigns. From conducting thorough keyword research to implementing conversion tracking, I will work with you to ensure the success of your PPC efforts. Keep reading to learn more about my pricing and services.

I work with service-providing companies and help them to get more leads within their budget. My main goal is to deliver as many potential clients to your business as possible while keeping you from overspending. Here are the main pillars of my workflow.

Keyword Strategy

Before launching paid search campaigns, I thoroughly conduct keyword research to collect all the keywords related to your services and discuss them with you. We filter out irrelevant keywords and leave only those that have potential value. Filtered keywords are later used as negative keywords to make sure you don’t pay for trash traffic that isn’t likely to convert into leads.

Ads & Assets

After the keyword part is finished, we discuss your strongest spots and come up with ads that reflect them. I utilize all relevant to your business assets (formerly ad extensions): site links, structured snippets, callouts, prices, calls, and locations. Using them makes the ad itself larger and highlights your advantages, which has a positive impact not only on your CTR but on the performance of your PPC in terms of conversions.

Conversion tracking

It is hard to overestimate the importance of conversion tracking when it comes to managing Google Ads campaigns. My goal here is to make sure that every possible way a visitor might convert to a lead is recorded. Not only it allows us to evaluate the performance of PPC marketing, but it is also vital for campaign optimization. How many calls did we get? What keywords are underperforming? How can we decrease our ad cost? It is impossible to address those questions without proper conversion tracking.

If you are looking for more comprehensive tracking, read more about my Google Analytics services.

Google Ads Management Pricing

Google Ads initial setup feefrom $600
Google Ads monthly managementfrom $350 / month
Google Ads consulting & training$75 / hour

Since I’m a Google Partner, you will get $500 in future ad credit for spending on your new Google Ads account.

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